What is the purpose of the martial art belt?

Our Center, like many martial art disciplines, has a system of ranking based on achieved expertise.

All together there are ten belts starting with white and end with black.  Upon your child’s enrollment, the white belt is worn. This signifies that your child is in the first stage of martial arts study. Approximately five times a year, there are examinations to advance to the next rank. To advance, your child will show their skill, strength and speed in the mastery of martial art techniques.  The  Belts offer a system for recognizing that accomplishment and a source of honor and pride. It is also motivating because your child will want to master new techniques to achieve the next belt. Parents (as well as adult students) discover that the belt system teaches them great focusing skills that become relevant in every aspect of their lives from other sports to academics.

Black Belt

A Black Belt is a goal for many children. In ancient times, the Black Belt symbolized a martial artist’s diligent training for so long that their  belt turned black.  This symbolism means no less today. A Black Belt is only achieved after diligent focus and achievement  for over 2 1/2 years.  The Black Belt is embroidered with the student’s name and the name of Master Kim. Our Black Belts are issued through the World TaeKwonDo Federation.

Goal Setting & Focusing Skills

We believe that the belt system will help your child learn to focus and set goals in other ares of their lives.   Each belt is like a building block that adds to the previous achievement.  We believe our students come to internalize this goal setting system in the classroom and in all aspect of their lives – and that is our ultimate goal.

Reviews between Tests

To make sure our students on our track, we often conduct mini tests between the Promotion Examinations. This mini test takes place after class where your child will show the technique they have learned.