Below are comments made by our students and parents or if your motto is ‘Seeing is Believing’ please click here to watch a video graciously created by Grance Pictures. It contains information interviews with Students and Parents of Students.

 Adult Martial Arts

Been there for two years, after practicing in different schools and countries for 12 years. By far the best master .

From Johnny on Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center Home sent via website

I appreciate everything that I have learned from you and your unbelievable staff. I will always take what I have learned with me.

Lance Northcott

The Center’s Program changed my life. It gave me confidence I needed to succeed in the school as well as to help me lose 50 pounds.

Avi Ross

Private Training

Master Kim’s use of Acupuncture, Herbs and Physical Fitness has completely changed my views on Eastern medicine. Thanks to him, I am in the shape in my life.

Brian Austin Greene

It’s a great physical and mental workout. And it’s a different workout everytime.

Arlene Montessano

Children’s Fitness Programs

Their Program is excellent for children. It is disciplined, skill building, instills character yet is fun. I think it is especially important for boys because it teaches them what it takes to be a good man.

Sally T. Acosta

The combination of exercise and discipline required in the classes results in improved balance and coordination increased attention span, better overall physical fitness, and improved self-control. Most importantly, the chance to master a unique skill increases the children’s self-confidence and often spills over into other areas of academics and socialization.

Leslie Popkins (teacher LAUSD)