Studio Availability

Looking for a Great Studio to Rent for Your Workshop or Athletic Program?

Our space is perfect for many sports programs including Yoga, Aerobic Classes, Cross Fit Programs and Meditational Workshops. It is available for rent on a ‘one time’ or recurring basis.  With its custom padded flooring, floor to ceiling windows that face Sunset Boulevard and a ballet barre that runs the length of our training space, it is the best space of its kind locally in the LA area. Currently we have space available before 8:40 a.m. every day and at other times throughout the day. Please call or text 323-360-4500 and ask for Elizabeth for more information.

Our dojo is convenient from West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills & Beverly Hills.  And we have free open  parking – something going the way of Unicorns in LA.

Please see our videos filmed in our space to determine the suitability of our space for your event or program.

Here is a video showing our ballet barre and windows that run the length of the room