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Invigorate Your Body & Your Mind

We offer innovative private training that draws on traditional martial arts, boxing drills and therapeutic stretching.

We also offer group martial arts training at our West Hollywood location for students who prefer to train with a small select group.

Master Kim’s use of acupuncture, herbs & physical fitness has completely changed by view of Eastern Medicine.

Brian Austin Greene

Actor & Musician

We customize Our Training To You


We Have All You Need

With our custom padded flooring, kicking bags, free weights, jump ropes and stretching bar that runs the length of the room, we have everything you need to get in top physical performance.



TaeKwonDo forms the core of our martial arts training. With high-flying kicks, jumps, concentrated punches and blocks, you’ll gain a strong body that is fluid and flexible

Boxing & HapKiDo

Boxing is a great full body strengthening workout. HapKiDo disarms an opponent using the opponent’s energy and momentum against them. Technique, not brute strength, is key to this art.

Ready to Kick Up Your Fitness?