Physical Fitness for Kids & Teens is Essential for a Healthy Life


We often hear from parents of their concern that their children aren’t active enough and that t.v. and video games reduces athletic ability. This is just as true for teenagers and adults.

Martial Arts Training is recognized by the Presidential Challenge as a fitness program that improves muscle and bone mass. The Council includes pro and Olympic athletes, fitness professionals, doctors, and other healthy living experts and advocates. Council members advise the President of the United States through the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Below is a Presidential Champion Award given to our Enzo Calandra, who is in our teen/adult program.

How does our martial arts training make kids physically fit?

Our classes start with stretching to increase flexibility. We then continue on with the martial art forms, tumbles and finish with fun and games. As you child practices the forms, punches, kicks, blocks and stances, they strength their muscles and bones in a natural way. This leads to the development of a strong and healthy body.  While doing these movements, you child learns where their center of gravity exists, and how to maintain it even as they work difficult techniques. Since many of the techniques combine two or three physical movements, your child will develop excellent hand, eye and foot coordination. You’ll soon see your child stand straighter with better posture.

And for high spirited children, our training is a must. Many parents enroll their children with the ‘hope’ of wearing them out. What parents experience are children who have self-control and discipline.

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