Childrn’s Code of Conduct

an Essential Part of Our Martial Arts Training

Our Instruction instills confidence, self-discipline and good sportsmanship in our students. To reinforce these important traits at the Center and at home, we have a Code of Conduct.

For promotion tests, students are to learn  and understand the meaning of the code for their belt as well as know the codes+ for previous belt rankings.


1. I will respect my parents and teachers and will not talk back to them.  (Must know when testing for  Yellow Belt.)

2. I will always tell the truth (Must know when testing for Purple Belt.)

3. I will be kind to my brothers and sisters. (Must know when testing for Orange Belt.)

4. I will help anyone who is in need.  (Must know when testing for Green Belt.)

5. I will not start fights and will only use martial arts in self defense.  (Must know when testing for Blue Belt.)

6. I will keep my room, hair, body, and teeth clean.  (Must know when testing for Brown Belt.)

7. I will not talk during class or play around.  (Must know when testing for Brown-Red Belt.)

8. I will do my best at school and do my homework everyday.  (Must know when testing for Red Belt.)

9. I will take pride in everything I do and always finish what I start.  (Must know when testing for Red-Black Belt.)

10. I will say NO to drugs. (Must know when testing for Black Belt.)



young female student doing a stretch kick

Strong Friendships Develop on the Way to Black Belt

an orange belt boy in a fighting stance while a younger student watches him

young martial art student does a jumping style kick