Adult Martial Arts Training at Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center

TaeKwonDo: With high-flying kicks, jumps, concentrated punches and blocks, TKD creates a strong body that is fluid and flexible. In classes you’ll Our Martial Arts Training is performed without shoes. Better for the bodywork on the same boxing training, kicking drills, sparring and body building techniques that world-class martial art competitors use.

photo of woman and man Adult Black Belts in TaeKwonDo stance Beverly Hills Martial Arts CenterHapKiDo: Looks are deceiving with this passive looking art. HKD disarms using an opponent’s own energy and momentum against them. Technique, not strength, is key to this art.


Ju’Do Locks, holds and other grappling techniques are used in Ju’Do. Succeeding at this art requires quick responses and a relaxed body.

Together, HapKiDo & Ju’Do techniques are similar to juijitsu training


Staff and Sword Weapon Training:  Rooted in a time when common people were not allowed to own weapons, staff training turns a long stick into an effective weapon. Sword Training is also taught to adult students.

Our Studio Forms: We are an accredited World TaeKwonDo Federation studioand all our black belts are issued their certificate through WTF. However, we deviate from WTF in our studio forms. Our forms are rooted in the arts of TaeKwonDo, Kung Fu & Boxing. They will challenge and heighten your hand eye coordination and athletic martial art ability.