Looking for a Martial Arts Program that will Strengthen Your Mind as Well as Your Body?

We have the training you want

Enjoy the challenge of our rigorous martial arts training at our dojo on the historic Sunset Strip. Headed by former Martial Arts World Champion, Grand Master Kim, our students learn

  • TaeKwonDo
  • HapKiDo
  • Weapon Training

Our Dojo is the largest space of its kind in Los Angeles city. Every class is over an hour and twenty minutes. Classes incorporate stretching, cardiovascular exercises and strength training in addition to learning and mastering martial art techniques. For students seeking to achieve a Black Belt in our program, our students are certified by the World TaeKwonDo Federation. With us, you don’t need a gym membership. Students are encouraged to come early to practice their techniques, use the free weights and other strength building apparatus, or do cardiovascular exercises. You’ll leave the class invigorated physically and mentally reducing your stress. It is Meditation in Motion. 

Training Schedule:  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday with Grand Master Kim. Classes start at 6:45 p.m.  Saturday Training with Head Black Belt Fabien Hameline is at 11:00 a.m.

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TaeKwonDo forms the core of our training. With high-flying kicks, jumps, concentrated punches and blocks, you’ll gain a strong body that is fluid and flexible.


HapKiDo is disarms an opponent using the opponent’s energy and momentum against them. Technique, not brute strength, is key to this art.

Weapon Training

Weapon Training utilizes martial art training swords and staff in choreographed strikes and movements that teach flowing movements and strength

To the Black Belts

What It Means to Be A Black Belt at the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center As a Black Belt at the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center you have 3 roles: Student  Leader and Teacher Each role is comprised of active and passive traits. When in harmony, each role is...

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Meaning of Our Martial Art Belts

What is the purpose of the martial art belt? Our Center, like many martial art disciplines, has a system of ranking based on achieved expertise. All together there are ten belts starting with white and end with black.  Upon your child's enrollment, the white belt is...

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