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Our West Hollywood location is now closed. Please Join us at our new Studio at 12503 Ventura Blvd. in Studio CityNew Class Schedule

Our West Hollywood location is now closed. Please Join us at our new Studio at 12503 Ventura Blvd. in Studio CityNew Class Schedule

Looking for Fitness to

Strengthen Your Mind as Well as Your Body?

We have the Training You Want. Martial Arts Training is the original CrossFit Regimen. Great Martial Artists have to be flexible in their mind and in their body with quick reflexes and a strong lean body. 

Training Schedule

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday with Grand Master Kim. Classes start at 6:45 p.m.  Registered Students can come early to train on their own or use the free weights.

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With Us You’ll Learn


TaeKwonDo forms the core of our training. With high-flying kicks, jumps, concentrated punches and blocks, you’ll gain a strong body that is fluid and flexible.





HapKiDo is disarms an opponent using the opponent’s energy and momentum against them. Technique, not brute strength, is key to this art.

Weapon Training

Weapon Training utilizes martial art training swords and staff in choreographed strikes and movements that teach flowing movements and strength

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To the Black Belts

At the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center, Our Black Belts have 3 Roles: Student, Teacher and Leader

Meaning of Our Martial Art Belts

What is the purpose of the martial art belt? Our Center, like many martial art disciplines, has a system of ranking based on achieved expertise. All together there are ten belts starting with white and end with black.  Upon your child's enrollment, the...

Why Martial Arts is Brain Food For Your Child

Our TumbleKick Martial Arts Training stimulates the brain’s development to problem solve, memorize and to set and finish goals. It is like Food for Your Brain!

Barefoot Fitness: Leave Your Workout Shoes at Home

All our training takes place on our custom padded flooring that runs the length of our training space. Barefoot enthusiasts believe there are many benefits to training without shoes including increase in speed and agility. We agree and believe that being barefoot stimulates the all the nerve endings at the bottom of your foot.

Martial Arts Instruction “Having a Kick With It May Mean Kids Stick With It” LA Times

The LA Times featured our program at our studio for its health benefits. We were also featured on the TV Show the Doctors for the our training’s health benefits too.

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