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We’ve been teaching Martial Arts to LA  Parents and their Kids for over 20 years.

Our first studio was located in Beverly Hills before moving to our current location. It’s the largest studio of its kind in LA and offers equipment that no other studio has – and a martial arts discipline ‘Tumble Kick Martial Arts’ that no one else has.

We created Tumble Kick Martial Arts with the input from gymnastic coaches. It fuses the traditional Korean Martial Art of TaeKwonDo with recreational tumbling. Classes use tumbling equipment including our signature Tumble Kick Air Track™ which is our own invention. Our Air Track helps children master TaeKwonDo’s jumping kicks, tumbling techniques and provides fun effective cardio exercise.  We now have two studios. Our second location is at 12655 Ventura Blvd. on the 2nd Floor of the Pinz Entertainment Center.

Ten Codes of Conduct for our Students

Instilling Character is important to our program.  Our students agree to abide by a Code of Conduct at both the Studio and at home. Parents tell us they enjoy learning the Codes with their child.

TK Martial Arts was created by Grand Master Kim, a former Martial Arts World Champion and creator of the TumbleKick AirTrack

Master Kim Tumble Kick Studios

How Our Programs Build Athletic Performance and Character



Through the Mastery of Martial Art Skills our students gain self-confidence.
Focusing Skills

Focusing Skills

Students are constantly challenged to learn new techniques while further mastering the techniques they know.
Friendship and Fitness

Friendship and Fitness

Learning together as a community, students gain great friendships.

An Interview with Master Kim

Charmian Carl is a writer, editor and independent documentary producer living and working in Los Angeles. World Champion: At the age of five in Seoul, Korea, Grandmaster Charles Kim was a reluctant student of Tae Kwan Do. In his native country, young men were expected...

Barefoot Fitness: Leave Your Workout Shoes at Home

Recent Magazines such as Runners World and the LA Times discuss the benefits of the latest exercise fad - Earthing.  Barefoot enthusiasts, such as Thomas Howell, discuss the many benefits of running training without shoes including increase in speed and agility. We...

Martial Arts Instruction “Having a Kick With It May Mean Kids Stick With It” LA Times

Our Children’s Martial Arts Program was featured in the LA Times with the article noting a class ‘brings to mind dozens of little Jackie Chans on the loose.’

To the Black Belts

What It Means to Be A Black Belt at the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center As a Black Belt at the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center you have 3 roles: Student  Leader and Teacher Each role is comprised of active and passive traits. When in harmony, each role is...
I went from an unathletic uncoordinated kid to a coordinated, active physically fit person.

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The biggest way it changed me physically is it gave me a way to stay in shape and enjoy myself at the same time. TaeKwonDo changed my attitude towards school work. Instead of me saying a “C” was good enough, I had an attitude that if the best I can do is an “A+” then that’s what I’m going to try and get.
Michael P, Children's Class

Physical Fitness & Doing Your Best

The chance to master a unique skill increases the children’s self-confidence and often spills over into other areas of academics and socialization.

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Equally important, the combination of exercise and discipline required in the classes results in improved balance and coordination, increase attention span, better overall physical fitness, and improved self-control.
Leslie P., LAUSD Teacher

Increased Attention Span & Self-Control

Their Program is excellent for children. It is disciplined, skill building, instills character yet is fun.

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I think it is especially important for boys because it teaches them what it takes to be a good man.
Sally A, Grandparent

Character Development

Camera! Lights! Action! TK Parents on Video
The Doctors were in the House!

Enjoy 2 Great Locations

Many of our students attend both the Studio City and West Hollywood locations. Your child can too with valid student membership. Both locations have free parking and are convenient to shops and restaurants.

tumble kick airtrack

Our Training is great for parents too.
martial arts beverly hills martial arts centerMany of our Black Belt Adult Students started training when their child enrolled.

Master Kim is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the State of California helping clients for over 14 years.

Master Kim is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the State of California helping clients for over 14 years.

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