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We Build Character & Athletic Performance

We’ve been teaching children martial arts for over 25 years. 

Our first studio was located in Beverly Hills before moving to our current location on Sunset Strip. It’s the largest studio of its kind in LA and offers equipment that no other studio has.

Always wanting to advance our programs to provide the best martial arts experience for students, we launched Tumble Kick Martial Arts 4 years ago. Tumble Kick  Martial Arts fuses the traditional Korean Martial Art of TaeKwonDo with recreational tumbling. Classes are lead by martial arts instructors and a tumbling coach. Classes use tumbling equipment including our signature Tumble Kick Air Track™. Our Air Track is great helping children master TaeKwonDo jumping kicks, tumbling techniques and as an effective cardio exercise.

Class Times & Ages: West Hollywood location: Classes are Monday and Wednesday. For children ages 4-6 classes are at 4:00 p.m. and classes for children ages 7-12 are at 5:00 p.m. Registered students may attend the Tumble Kick at our Studio City Location. Please click here for the master schedule including our Tumble Kick Gymnastics. A brand new class starts October 7th for xander-sliderchildren aged 3!  It’s 3:15 p.m. every Wednesday. This program is specificall geared towards the motor and focusing skills for that age group. Please contact Master Kim at 323-360-8400 for more information. Children ages 13 and up can enroll in our Adult class

What is the ultimate goal of our martial arts training? Our goal is to instill a life long love of physical activity in children, confidence to try and master new things and respect for themselves and others. We do this with training that provides “the essential 3” Fitness, Friendship & a little bit of Fun.

Self-Discipline & Fitness

Our martial arts training provides great fitness for kids working on strength, coordination and cardio exercises. But it provides more than physical fitness, our training is fitness for the brain helping with focus, goal setting & self-discipline.  We’ve had teachers recommend our program because of these benefits.

I went from an unathletic uncoordinated kid to a coordinated, active physically fit person. The biggest way it changed me physically is it gave me a way to stay in shape and enjoy myself at the same time. TaeKwonDo changed my attitude towards school work. Instead of me saying a “C” was good enough, I had an attitude that if the best I can do is an “A+” then that’s what I’m going to try and get.

Michael P

from Children's Class

Friendship in a Community

At its very essence a martial arts studio is a community and ours is no exception. Our students learn how to work together, how to support one another and how to play together. This socialization  skill translates to more confidence in the classroom, playground or any other sport or activity your child may do.

The combination of exercise and discipline required in the classes results in improved balance and coordination, increase attention span, better overall physical fitness, and improved self-control. Most importantly, the chance to master a unique skill increases the children’s self-confidence and often spills over into other areas of academics and socialization.

Leslie Popkins


Instilling Love of Fitness

Our goal is for our students to develop a lifelong love of being active. To do this, we seek a balance between serious training and energized fun.  Classes often end with a game that provides cardio exercise, good sportsmanship, a sense of community and just plain fun.

Their Program is excellent for children. It is disciplined, skill building, instills character yet is fun. I think it is especially important for boys because it teaches them what it takes to be a good man.

Sally Acosta


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