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Barefoot Fitness: Leave Your Workout Shoes at Home

Recent Magazines such as Runners World and the LA Times discuss the benefits of the latest exercise fad – Earthing.  Barefoot enthusiasts, such as Thomas Howell, discuss the many benefits of running training without shoes including increase in speed and agility. We readily agree. At the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center all our martial arts and fitness training takes place barefoot on specially padded floor. We believe being barefoot grounds the practitioner – literally. Compare standing in your shoes versus standing without your shoes. You can feel the difference. You are more in tune with your body. You know the adjustments you need to improve your posture. These adjustments help you to improve techniques. Thomas Howell argues that in barefoot running, your body is literally teaching itself how to be more efficient.  It’s true you are faster, feel more free, stronger and more balanced. Another benefit of workout barefoot is the reduced risk of injury. Recent research of runners shows that the padding of athletic shoes encourages ‘heel striking’ meaning the wearer strikes the pavement or floor first. Scientists now believe this repetitive movement can lead to stress injury. Without shoes, the balls of the feet or the middle of the foot strikes first. And based on the human anatomy, it is how we should move. Our martial arts training is great as a solo fitness program, cross training...

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To the Black Belts

What It Means to Be A Black Belt at the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center As a Black Belt at the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center you have 3 roles: Student  Leader and Teacher Each role is comprised of active and passive traits. When in harmony, each role is respected and relied upon, and you complete the Yin and Yang circle for each.   Student As you achieved your belts, you demonstrated your basic knowledge of the martial art movements and forms. Now your goal as a black belt is to relearn them. This time do not compartmentalize your learning and understanding. Do not rely on spoken words to understand how to perform movements. Words are not movements. They are only descriptions of the movements in the same way that a map describes a territory and is not the territory itself. Nor should you mistake your thoughts as the true guide. They too are inadequate tools because they rely upon words, past experiences, assumptions and beliefs for understanding. Finally, do not rely exclusively on your senses for the senses, acting alone, are limited and inaccurate. To perform movements and techniques, release who and what you think you are and what you think you can or cannot accomplish. With this freedom, move with your ‘whole being’ both the seen (physical body) and unseen (your energy.) When you do this, the...

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Meaning of Our Martial Art Belts

What is the purpose of the martial art belt? Our Center, like many martial art disciplines, has a system of ranking based on achieved expertise. All together there are ten belts starting with white and end with black.  Upon your child’s enrollment, the white belt is worn. This signifies that your child is in the first stage of martial arts study. Approximately five times a year, there are examinations to advance to the next rank. To advance, your child will show their skill, strength and speed in the mastery of martial art techniques.  The  Belts offer a system for recognizing...

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Presidential Challenge: Improve Kids’ Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness for Kids & Teens is Essential for a Healthy Life   We often hear from parents of their concern that their children aren’t active enough and that t.v. and video games reduces athletic ability. This is just as true for teenagers and adults. Martial Arts Training is recognized by the Presidential Challenge as a fitness program that improves muscle and bone mass. The Council includes pro and Olympic athletes, fitness professionals, doctors, and other healthy living experts and advocates. Council members advise the President of the United States through the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Below is a Presidential Champion Award given to our Enzo Calandra, who is in our teen/adult program. How does our martial arts training make kids physically fit? Our classes start with stretching to increase flexibility. We then continue on with the martial art forms, tumbles and finish with fun and games. As you child practices the forms, punches, kicks, blocks and stances, they strength their muscles and bones in a natural way. This leads to the development of a strong and healthy body.  While doing these movements, you child learns where their center of gravity exists, and how to maintain it even as they work difficult techniques. Since many of the techniques combine two or three physical movements, your child will develop excellent hand, eye and foot coordination. You’ll soon see your child...

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